Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Challenged...but making small steps

Yesterday was a pretty good day in the library...all things considered.

So far, I am finding that the library is not a really comfortable and fun place to be...because of Mrs. R.  I prayed on the way to school that the Lord would help me to love her.  It is difficult because I honestly do not like her.  Today and yesterday she was very condescending to me.  Every question I asked her was answered with an undertone that spoke volumes.  Have you ever spoken to someone and they answer you rudely with the words,..."Uh duh!" ?  She has not said these words to me...but the undertone of her answers has.  Finally I said to her, "Can you please speak to me like I am intelligent?" She looked very shocked and her mouth dropped open.  I also think she was embarrassed. (I hope) This was ten minutes before the first of three back to back classes was coming in.  I think that it may have helped because she kind of gave me a compliment on the lesson I taught by saying that she could tell that the kids enjoyed it.  She also did not interrupt one single time during any class to discipline.

Earlier in the day we had an interesting discussion which brought to light her "vast knowledge of library work and children." (sarcasm here)  A teenage girl has been doing service work in the library on occasion because of some discipline action taken against her (I don't know any details).  She comes from the high school to do work.  She was supposed to come in this morning.
Me: "Are you going to be here at 9:00 because _____ is coming in to do work." (I was stepping out of the library for about an hour and a half because of some other obligation)
Mrs. R: "Yes."
Me: "Have her shelf the books on the cart and if she finishes, have her start shelf-reading the fiction section."
(Blank stare) "Do you know what shelf-reading is?"
Mrs. R: "No."
Me: "It's making sure the books are in order."
Mrs. R: "The books are already in order." (add undertone of 'duh')
Me: "They are supposed to be in order, but after awhile they are not in order and need to be fixed."
Mrs. R: "No....the books were put in order in the beginning of the year."
Me: "Yes, but children will very quickly get them out of order."
Mrs. R:  "That's why they use shelf markers." (add undertone of 'duh')
Me: (trying to patient and kind) "It doesn't matter if they used shelf markers, children have a tendency to get books out of order."
Mrs. R shakes her head in disgust.
Me: (trying to maintain that I am knowledgeable, while trying to be polite too) "I have been working in libraries for many years, and we have always had to shelf read from time to time."
Mrs. R: "Okay" (add undertone of 'duh' and 'whatever')

Seriously, I know that many of my readers have never worked in a library and may not know the term 'shelf reading'...but honestly, who could possibly think that children are neat and tidy while looking for books in the library?  Most of you have kids and probably remember how quickly they can turn the house upside down. Mrs. R actually has one child herself.  Maybe her child was unusually neat and well-behaved and could sit still for hours at a time.  I don't know!

On a good note, I have created three SMARTboard activities which I have incorporated into lessons this week.  The kids are enjoying them and I think they will be great to be able to share during an interview. (don't get too bogged down if you don't know what a SMARTboard is...just think, "Priscilla is so clever and technologically savvy!")

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Martha said...

Your story, of course, made me smile. It also had me recalling a time when I helped a friend do some weeding at several different residences. I know it was probably something I did or said to cause her to make a few condescending statements, but when I smiled and said, "I'm not totally stupid," we both had a good laugh and the comments stopped.

Perhaps one day you and "Mrs. R" will actually become good friends, look back at these days, and laugh too. Not likely, but possible.

"ntooksm institution"