Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ahhhhhhh....springtime in upstate NY!

I love the springtime! I wouldn't mind if it stayed like this for a long time! Everything is so green...and the temperature has been quite comfortable. I just planted this myrtle (pictured above) in my front garden. I have started my practicum at the public library...but tomorrow I have some time to play in the dirt some more!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"His name is Houdini!"

That is how I feel like answering when someone asks the question, "What's your dog's name?" We have been having dog problems if you will. Sherman is an escape artist lately and I haven't been terribly pleased with him. He will be contentedly laying in the sun, fastened to his chain and the next thing you know...he is gone. Sometimes I notice that he is gone and other times I get a phone call from someone who has intercepted him and read his tag that has his name and our number. Such was the case yesterday. I went outside to look at the perennials I had planted. Sherman was on his chain and sleeping on the porch. Ten minutes later I get a phone call from someone at the hot dog stand downtown telling me that he is there standing in line. (I guess he was hungry) The hot dog stand is three blocks away and across 4 lanes of busy traffic!!
I was horrified by this and went down to retrieve him. (He's the retriever, so why am I doing all the work?!???) There was a lady down there who proceeded to bawl me out for being an irresponsible dog owner....and if I didn't want to take better care of my dog she'd be glad to give him a home. When I told her that I didn't know how he was getting off of his chain, that set her off again. "Dogs should never be chained up! They hate being chained up and that is why he's escaping. They should be in a fenced in back yard....blah blah blah!!!" I was totally humiliated and angry at this woman. I honestly felt like punching her! (So much for being Christ-like) Luckily I had the sense to stop answering her and just take the dog and leave. I tell you though, I was so upset by the encounter!
So today after CBS, I took a ride down to the hardware store to take a look at the hooks available. I bought a hook that closes using a built in hexagon shaped bolt that you must turn several time around in order to close. I bought two of these hooks. One to hook the chain onto his collar and the other to hook the chain to the wrought iron fence. (notice in closeup-the useless spring style hook that is now dangling) So now it takes 2 minutes to put him on the chain, but at least he won't be escaping (at least I hope not).
I should also mention that when we first got this dog, we installed electric invisible fencing to contain him. Houdini figured out that if he made a run for it, he could endure the pain of being zapped...and run free!

Friday, May 08, 2009


I mentioned that I took Allen last week to Cooperstown, NY for a History Day competition. He and three other boys created a documentary on General Patton and they were chosen to compete in states! I am very proud of the boys. They did a great job...and they are just really good kids! Here is a view of the lake in Cooperstown at a 100 year old hotel that their presentation was held at.Here are the boys in front of the hotel. I told them to pose as if they were on the cover of an album. From left to right: Sam, Jared, Allen, Eric.
One of the cool thins of the day was that we all got free passes to all 3 museums in town. we spent a fair amount of time at the Farmer's Museum. I wanted to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame just to say I had gone there...but we were not able to. I had ridden along with Sam and his mother and they needed to get back home.
Cooperstown is a wonderful town to visit. I suggest you go there if you get a chance.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hope Springs

Do you remember this post? Mr. and Mrs. F.F. Thompson and the children look a little more comfortable now that it is spring, don't you think? Especially with their tree full of beautiful blossoms. Mary is still tirelessly holding the tiny hospital in front of which they stand today (it is now offices and some senior apartments).

There was a terrible tragedy in our town yesterday. I do not wish to go into details. Please keep our community and schools in prayer and especially the family of a 17 year old boy. I wanted to post this picture on this day since it symbolizes to me how God brings hope in the midst of a cold dark season. Spring will always come again and with it the beautiful blossoms.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Alicia's 10th birthday party!

So you'd think that now that school is done for me that I would have time to relax a little, right? Nope! Not a chance! Busy busy busy!!! Crazy crazy crazy!

Last week I traveled to Cooperstown with my son and some of his classmates for the NY state history competition. We stayed over night and toured the Farmer's Museum. I traveled 3 hours home on Friday and immediately began cleaning the house preparing for Alicia's birthday party. It started at Michael's craft store with 9 girls (including two of my own) working on a craft. That was followed by pizza and presents. One little girl then went home since she was not feeling well. The remaining 8 came back to our house. On the way home, Audra was dropped off at a friend's house...leaving 7 little girls. At our house, they ran around outside playing tag and building up an appetite for brownie sundaes.I just love this interesting shot that Allen took from his upstairs bedroom window!
Most of the girls brought along an American Girl doll. One girl did not, but we had an extra for her. They spent quite a bit of time trashing my living room with doll clothes and such! Another little girl went home, leaving 6 to stay over night. Thanks to my husband, who has a voice of authority, all girls settled down nicely and were fairly rested the next morning so I could take them all to church! Two little girls were delivered back to their own families at our church. I delivered 2 more to their homes after church. The last little girl came home and waited for her parents to come and get her after they got out of their own church service.

Phew! It was really a lot of fun, but I feel like I deserve a medal for doing this! LOL!