Thursday, May 31, 2007

Genesee Country Museum

Yesterday I went with my daughter on her field trip to a Museum. It's several historic buildings put together to form a village that you can walk through. The people working there dress in period costumes and talk to the visitors about what life was like in colonial times. Of course this type of museum is right up my alley as far as my interests go. Above is an ox on one of the farms in the village. The log structure is an actual barn that was moved to the premises. The log house is a one room structure built in 1806 where a family raised 10 children.

Here's Audra looking out the window of the log farmhouse.

Here is a picture of one of the rooms in another village home. I believe this room would have been called the "keeping room" rather than a dining room. This particular house was built in 1797 by Amhurst Humphrey.

It was a fun day, but very hot. Take your own tour here .

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


  1. I am 40 years old.
  2. My birthday is in December.
  3. I am quite artistic.
  4. I'm not very self motivated (atleast not all the time).
  5. I'm not extraverted.
  6. Sometimes I wish I were...but most of the time I'm ok with it.
  7. I can play the piano.
  8. I can "spot compose" pieces of music.
  9. I cannot read music very well.
  10. I play a lot using chords and my own ear for music.
  11. I'm not a city girl.
  12. I don't like large crowds.
  13. I prefer peace and quiet.
  14. My neighborhood is a bit too noisy for my liking.
  15. I dream of having my own art studio in my home.
  16. I've sold some artwork.
  17. I've painted 2 different murals.
  18. I decided that I prefer smaller pieces of artwork.
  19. I wish I had someone to do artwork with on a regular basis.
  20. I used to take a painting class.
  21. I'd like to again some time.
  22. My friend Claudia has given me some watercolor lessons.
  23. I think I really could do well at it.
  24. I've been very busy lately.
  25. I don't care to be too busy.
  26. Down time is very important to me.
  27. I'm a home body.
  28. I don't plan ahead very well.
  29. I am very forgetful at times.
  30. I must keep lists and pay close attention to my calendar.
  31. My house is cluttered and I hate it.
  32. Deep down inside, I know I'm really a neat and tidy person.
  33. I don't care for asparagus.
  34. I like most other vegetables.
  35. I'm willing to try new foods.
  36. I try to be polite.
  37. Quite often, I root for the underdog.
  38. I hate to see people being picked on.
  39. I tried to be nice to the very unpopular kids when I was a school kid.
  40. Sometimes this made me very unpopular.
  41. Looking back, I think I could have done more than I did.
  42. I'd like to be fluent in another language.
  43. I studied Spanish for 4 years and German for 1 college semester.
  44. I did well at both of them...but was never immersed in using the languages, which is key to fluency.
  45. Someday I will go on a mission trip. Probably to a Spanish speaking country.
  46. I am very contemplative.
  47. Sometimes my heart rules my head...but not always.
  48. I am a melancholic.
  49. Sometimes I embarrass my children.
  50. I feel that this is my job as a parent.
  51. Sometimes I make up silly songs or rhymes to make my children laugh.
  52. I am pretty conservative.
  53. Strong perfumes really bother me.
  54. This past Sunday, I changed my seat in church because someone's perfume was bothering me.
  55. Modesty is important to me.
  56. I am trying to instill this in my children.
  57. Sometimes I still miss my brother. He passed away in 1983.
  58. I was 16 when he died.
  59. I would have like to get to know him as an adult.
  60. I don't feel like we knew each other very well.
  61. I was 9 years younger than him.
  62. I have another brother who has severe autism.
  63. I've never been able to really get to know him either.
  64. I am so thankful for the Christian sisters I have (both blood and not).
  65. I enjoy watching "Little House on the Prarie" episodes.
  66. I especially like the funny ones with Nellie Olson in them. (and Mrs. Olson)
  67. I have absolutely no desire to get a tattoo.
  68. Multiple body piercings really gross me out.
  69. I enjoy studying history.
  70. I just finished reading "Foxe's Book of Martyrs." A difficult read, but very powerful.
  71. I just checked out a book on local history from my library yesterday.
  72. It is probably the 3rd or 4th time I have checked this book out in the 14 years I've lived here.
  73. I wish I knew the history of this house. Like who lived here in the 1860's when it was built?
  74. I do know that a family from Italy lived here at one time and raised a family of 4 children.
  75. I wish the walls could speak (not really...that would be a little scary). Maybe they would speak in Italian and I wouldn't understand anyway.
  76. I stay up too late.
  77. I prefer dogs over cats.
  78. I do like cats though.
  79. I've only ridden a horse a few times.
  80. The last time I rode one I was 17 years old.
  81. Sometimes I create pieces of art and then have no idea what to do with them...but I can't get rid of them.
  82. I sometimes make up recipes.
  83. They usually turn out pretty good (just a few blunders).
  84. One of my recipes was published in a magazine (County Extra) and later it was put into a book (The Best of Country Cooking 2001, pg 61)
  85. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist.
  86. This causes some problems in doing artwork. I need to losen up!
  87. Sometimes I lack confidence.
  88. I don't like doing major construction-like sanding, staining, drywalling, etc.
  89. In fact I just groan at the mere thought of it. Ugh!!!!
  90. I day dream about hiring someone just to come and do all of the construction work on my house...and having an unlimited budget with it!
  91. I hate grocery shopping.
  92. If I have extra money, I'm more likely to blow it on art supplies than clothing.
  93. I've been spendig too much money lately and need to stay way from Michael's.
  94. I think Heberews 13:5 was written just for me. Go ahead and look it up!
  95. I enjoy taking a good nap now and again.
  96. I once had an opportunity to be an exchange student to Australia. (Rockhampton, QD)
  97. I still regret that I didn't do it.
  98. I'm not sure what the abbreviation for Queensland is.
  99. I've never been much of a risk taker and I've shortchanged myself because of it.
  100. I did it...and now I need to go to bed because I am going on a field trip with my daughter's class tomorrow! (I need adequate sleep to function well)


My youngest daughter is very timid and cautious. She was always too afraid to try the zip line at Rachel's house...until last week. She did it (with a little help and encouragement from Uncle James).

Friday, May 25, 2007

My Girls

This was taken a couple of weeks ago at the primary school playground. We had gone to see Alicia's class play. Afterwards, the girls wanted to play on the playground for a little while. Alicia played the part of a mouse in her play (thus the whiskers on her face). They obviously posed for this picture. I like how it turned out.

Monday, May 21, 2007

School Days

I just thought this picture of Alicia with a little friend from next door was so sweet. I had to post it.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Walking Home From School

After Sherman and I drop the kids off at school, we usually take a different route home. Here are some of the sights we see.

Here is a historic church. It was built in 1812. I know this doesn't sound very old to some of my European friends...but for the USA, that is old. Interstingly enough, I read a diary exerpt at our library...written by a teenage girl, who's father was the pastor of this church. It was a fun read. She sounded similar to a typical teenage girl of today...except for she and her friends were working on a friendship quilt together.
Here is the county court house. I've never been inside of it. I've heard that it is beautiful. It has a lot of history too. If you ever visit my town, you can't miss this building. I didn't grow up in this town, but as a kid I remember driving by this building. It was always what I thought of when someone mentioned this town.

Here is a stretch of some of the shops and a bank in our town. We have a very nice down town area. Almost everyone we meet is very friendly. Sherman and I almost always meet a dog or two walking along with their owner. This town seems to have quite a few dog lovers!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Walking to School

On nice days in the fall and spring, we choose to walk to school. Today was cool, so everyone needed a light jacket or sweater...but the sun was shining brilliantly! Who could complain? Occasionally our neighbors join us. This morning the little boy and girl from next door walked with us.

We always take the dog along. He feels that it is his personal responsibility to deliver the children safely to school. After we walk them to the door and we say good-bye and the kids go in, Sherman always looks up at me and I say, "You did a very good job." And then I pat him on the head and we go merrily on our way home.

Here's Irene, the crossing guard. She knows my dog by name (but not my kids) and he is always happy to see her.

She's always pretty cheerful...even on the more frigid days.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Strike Up the Band

The elementary school's band concert was the other night. Audra is seen here in the white dress. The pictures are blurry because I had the camera on museum mode. (no sound or flash) On that setting you either need a tripod...or else hold the picture absolutely still...which is humanly impossible. (especially when zooming in)

Monday, May 14, 2007


There are blossoms on my crabapple tree now. A robin has made a nest there. I attempted to take a picture and she scolded me severely. I apologized to her, telling her that I would never hurt her or her family. She didn't believe me. She is suspicious of everyone who comes near. Sherman and I were on the porch. I was working on my Bible study homework and Sherm was laying at my feet. Suddenly we heard a ruckus! Sherm jumped up with all the hairs on his back bristling. He began barking...but neither of us were exactly sure what it was he was barking at. Then I saw it. Two squirrels running for cover. Mrs Robin was dive-bombing them and flapping her wings like mad!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Down Memory Lane

A few years ago I made scrapbook pages for a calendar for my mother in law. This was January's page. Alicia was small enough to take a bath in our kitchen sink. We lived in a 2 bedroom apartment back then. All 3 kids shared a room. We had a living room, eat-in-kitchen, a bathroom and 2 bedrooms. On Alicia's first birthday, we closed on a new house. Tomorrow I will try to post pictures from 'closing day'.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Version

I was standing next to Gudrun when Sherman was flying through her woods towards us. I got a shot too. Mine shows more teeth. We had fun!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Birthday Alicia (yesterday)!

Yesterday was Alicia's 8th birthday. Her daddy took her out for breakfast before school. That is a tradition in our house. A friend came home from school with her and stayed overnight. Alicia picked tacos for dinner...and brownie sundaes for her birthday treat. I got the Charlotte's Web movie for her and her friend to watch. It was a nice birthday.

We are certainly blessed by having all of our children. We love them very much.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Old Barn

I took this picture last week...originally planning on painting it for the "draw this" blog...but never got to it. I took it through the window of my car. At the time, I wasn't worried about quality. Just clear enough for a photo reference. I thought it was a nice looking barn. It was taken in a town just south of this one. The owners do a nice job keeping it up. I always think it is a shame when an old barn with lot's of history is just left to fall apart and rot.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My house in the watercolor

I've recently decided to learn watercolor. This is my rendition of my house. Someday when I'm a well-known accomplished watercolorist you can say..."I knew her when she was first learning it..."