Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sister Trip

Martha and I took a lovely trip down to Angelica, NY yesterday. It was a really nice day. I hadn't spent that kind of time with my sister in a long time. We were sorry that Rachel couldn't make it too. Our first stop was this great coffee house for lunch. The pumpkin-apple soup is to die for! I strongly recommend stopping here if you are ever traveling along rout 17 in the southerntier of NY state. It has great atmosphere and very friendly service.

It happened to be the town's Harvest Festival in the the center of the circle yesterday. A lot of businesses along main street put up fall scarecrow displays. Some even were in front of houses. This one was in front of a house. I thought it was one of the better ones and comical. It is of a prisonbreak. Notice the escaped convict in stripes.

One of our last stops was to the local cemetary. We found a lot of familiar family names such as Shafer, Rice, Harwood, Jennings. We had a few pictures of some of our deceased relatives who are buried there. By placing them next to the gravestones and taking a really made it feel as if they were with us in some way.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sweet Picture

I have stolen this picture off of Martha's computer. I found it while browsing. Isn't it a sweet picture of her and James cutting their wedding cake? I like it

Friday, September 14, 2007

Passing it on the the Children

Well...I guess I'm slowly adapting to a quieter life with the kids off to school. I made sure I did some work so as to feel useful around here. Gotta earn my keep! LOL!

Allen is very busy with the Cross Country team at his school. He seems to like it a lot. Alicia is taking Viola lessons at school starting on Monday. Audra has volunteered to be kindertgarten helper at the end of the school day. I think this makes her feel good about herself. Community Bible Study starts on Wednesday.

Awana started this past Wednesday. Audra is already working at memorizing her Bible verses for T&T(Truth & Training). Alicia graduated to T&T from Sparks and is looking forward to getting her book. We took Makaela...our next door neighbor to Awana. She doesn't go to church with her family. Sometimes she comes with us. Soon her brother will come to Awana as well...but right now, he has something else on Wednesdays. I feel like they are my ministry. Every morning they come to get on the bus. I always say a prayer with my girls and so I've included them. They are getting used to this routine. Hopefully I can build working on our verses into our routine in the morning...because I doubt Makaela will get a lot of that at her house.

By the way...I don't know this little "Sparks" boy. I searched Creative Commons on Flicker and found it. It just reminds me about what it's all about. Teaching kids to Praise the Lord!

Friday, September 07, 2007

A Whole Lot of Nothing

Kim asked me what I've been doing since the kids went to school. That would be yesterday and today. Well...I'm ashamed to admit that I really haven't been doing much. I've been a bit unproductive and lazy. Oh I've done a few dishes, a load of laundry, a couple of errands, a small amount of sewing, walked the dog, blogged, read a short novel...what else?

I need to get used to this again. It seems very quiet here. I've had a pretty full house all summer. Not only my kids, but other kids I've been watching. Now it's just me and Sherm. I know things'll start picking up. I do have things to do. Maybe I just needed a couple of days to catch my breath?

Isn't this picture horrible of me? Allen took it and I almost deleted it. It's certainly not very flattering...but I guess it's an honest look at the way I've been yesterday and today.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

First Day of School

Today is the first day of school. Everyone seemed excited, although they insisted they didn't want to go back.
I'll be putting my little next door neighbors on the bus in the morning since their mom leaves for work a half hour before the bus comes. They are cute kids and they are used to me.

Allen did not want his picture taken.

I was chasing him while taking this one as he rode off on his bike. I think he was amused. He goes to the middle school and does not take a bus.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Time For a Fresh Box

The day after tomorrow is the first day of school for our town. Some of the districts go back tomorrow. My kids keep saying that they don't like school and that they don't want to go back...but I sense a little excitement in the air about it. (or maybe it's just me)'s time. It just feels like school should be starting. The summer has wound down and the kids are looking for new things to do. Allen started Cross Country practice today. Audra visited her class and picked out her desk and filled it with school supplies. Alicia will have her turn doing that tomorrow. Me? I'm looking forward to a more steady routine, my house being in a little more order, Bible Study starting up, and a little peace and quiet. (is that bad?)