Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Checking In

I have not been doing well at blogging lately.  I'm just busy and quite frankly, I don't always feel like being on the computer.  I'd rather read a book.

Allen's last cross country season has come to an end.  He has been applying to colleges. I also hope he is applying for scholarships. He wants to attend a  Christian college and has applied to 3 of them so far and is working on a fourth application.  He has turned out to be quite a nice young man and I am proud of him.  He is kind, thoughtful, hardworking, honest, conscientious, helpful, smart, witty, and good looking to boot!  He desires to follow God's will for his life which is most important. I really couldn't be happier!  When I started this blog, Allen was 10 years old and now he is 17.