Monday, August 31, 2009

Went to New Hampshire

Hello! Just got home last night from our New England trip. On the first day, we visited a Shaker Village in Canterbury, NH. It was very interesting...although I am fairly certain I would not want to be a Shaker. There was this gigantic tree there. The girls are demonstrating just how big it was in the picture. I don't think their hands could touch on the other side.
New Hampshire was beautiful. I saw a few "Moose Crossing" signs and intended to get a picture of a sign...but did not succeed at that. Did not see any moose at all, but did see a porcupine. We stayed in a hotel in Tilton, NH because Jamie had accumulated many points so we could get a pretty amazing deal.
Grad school officially starts again this week. I'll write more about our trip in a couple of days.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Bad blogger!!!

Well....I've been bad about blogging, but I have an excuse. I took a grad class this summer. I just finished it Thursday night! So I have 6 more credits towards my MLS than I did in May. In the fall I will take 2 classes...and then I do my final internship in the Spring. I can get a job after that. So...a year from now I could be anticipating a new job at a school in September.
In the meantime...I have 3 weeks to relax before classes begin again. In a couple of weeks, we have a family vacation. Part of that will be spent traveling to NJ to visit relatives (a family birthday party we are showing up at). We are trying to decide what else to do on a limited budget. Jamie wants to go to NH to visit some places they always went to when he was a kid. We'll see.....