Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Invisible Blogger is back

Things have been crazy busy. I honestly don't know how I can accomplish everything that I need to do successfully. I would appreciate your prayers. My library internship is going very well. I feel a little overwhelmed at times because there is so much to know and learn. I vacillate between a strong confidence and being completely filled with fear of taking on this role, several times a day.

This is "Library Gator" as he is affectionately referred to by my supervising librarian. He's also a favorite with the kids. Several years ago, he was won at a fair by one of the teachers in the school. She donated him to the library and he has been here ever since. I really wish that I could take a picture of the kids, but I think there are some rules about that and needing to get permission from parents to put pictures up of them. They are gorgeous children of every race. I just love the mix of colors and cultures of the children in this school. Today I got a chance to use my extremely limited Spanish on a child who just moved here and does not speak English. I was able to establish her name and to communicate that she is only allowed to take out 2 books, not 3 as she wanted. I think if I was to get a job here, I would definitely try to become much more fluent in Spanish than I am now.

I had one observation so far and it went very good. So that makes me happy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Good, but busy"

I sent a message to a friend last night. This friend is a classmate of mine and is doing her internship at an elementary school library in the city of Rochester. I wrote, "How are you doing?" She wrote back: "Good, but busy." Yes, that about sums it up, folks!

So far, it has been great. I am trying hard to soak up all the knowledge that I possibly can and make a good impression! I want to take a picture of the school, but haven't managed to do so yet. Maybe tomorrow!

Sunday, September 05, 2010


I just found this picture on my computer. It was in a folder marked "photos by Allen." I think he did a good job. I loved our trip to New Hampshire last year. This was taken from a mountain top less than a week before Dad went into the hospital and our lives were changed forever. I really miss my father very much.

This week school starts for the kids. Audra is looking forward to it. Alicia will be going to a new school and is a little apprehensive. Allen has been very busy with the cross country team already. Next week, I start my first library practicum at a primary school in Geneva.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Grime's Glen...twice

Yesterday I went to Grimes Glen for the first time with Rachel and her boys. Allen came along and brought his friend, Sam. It was such a beautiful place and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to go back again today with Alicia and her friend Elise. Of course Sherman came along both days. He loved it, but is exhausted now! I can't believe that I've lived near this beautiful place for 18 years now and never went to it!
Yesterday I took photos and Rachel sent me even more. Today I didn't take any because I had left the camera home. I am sad that I didn't get any pictures of the girls. They had so much fun and I missed so many great photo opportunities!

Here are pictures from yesterday. Grime's Glen is my new favorite place to go!