Tuesday, October 06, 2015

New Family Members

It is interesting to note that so far...not a single day at Wayne has gone by where I haven't met at least one more Christian since meeting Lynne on Thursday. Today it was two students. These two girls come in every day to the library and are so sweet. This morning I noticed that one of the girls had a Bible verse written on her notebook. I stopped, indicated the verse with my hand, and said, "I'm your sister." Both girls were very happy about it. One said, "Yay!"

God has been faithful in answering that prayer I lifted up last week to help me find other Christians at Wayne! More than I could imagine!

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Happy Anniversary to us!

It has been 23 years! How old do you think my husband is in this picture? Take a guess.

Friday, October 02, 2015

I Showed Up!

I set my alarm early this morning so I could get to school by 6:50. That would get me there early enough to park, walk into school, unlock the library, boot up the computers and get to the room of the teacher who hosts Friday morning fellowship.

I found out about four more Christians who are my coworkers. (Can't say I met them because I had met every one of them already) That's four more besides Lynne...the woman who I met yesterday. I was also told that our superintendent is a Christian too. I feel very blessed!

Thursday, October 01, 2015

He hears me!

I was thinking about my Christian coworkers at Martha Brown MS. I miss seeing and interacting with them. I got into the car and started the commute to my new school. And then I said to God, "Could you show me a Christian at my school, Lord?" I knew that there had to be some. That was the prayer I lifted up either yesterday or the day before. I don't remember which.

Today a woman came into my library. She asked me if I had any Christian books in the collection. I said, "Do you mean fiction books, or information about Christianity?" It didn't turn out to be either. She was looking for a specific title. She couldn't remember it though. I said we could look on Amazon to see if we could figure it out if we knew part of the title. Then we tried Christian Book Distributers.

I told her I was a Christian too...because I assumed that she was. Then she told me that there are a few others and they gather on Friday mornings before school in a teacher's room. I told her about the prayer I had lifted up a few days earlier. I said, "You're the answer to my prayer!" She told me that she didn't really know why she had asked me if we had any Christian books because she knew we really didn't. I said, "You asked me that so that I could find out you are a Christian!"

Tomorrow I will try to make it to the fellowship group.