Monday, July 06, 2009

Cool Birdhouse

Alicia and I have been busy with a fun project. My father made me this birdhouse last summer. I thought it would look cool with a piece of tin nailed to the roof. I wasn't sure where I'd get a piece of tin...but then found a piece on Saturday while walking the dog along the railroad bed near our house. When I used the tin snips from my grandpa's old tool box (he passed away 10 years ago and we inherited some tools), I found the little wrench. My husband said he didn't care about it, so I glued it on the front of the birdhouse.
Alicia and I thought it needed more stuff on it. We walked to two nearby antique shops and bought some other items for pretty cheap. We arranged and glued them today.
While we were at the shops we started planning our next birdhouse. We'd like to make a kitchen tool one, and a chunky jewelry one too.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Back to the Books!

Tonight I start another grad class. Back to the books!

Isn't my niece's daughter cute? In January she is going to be a big sister!