Saturday, August 25, 2012

God Continues to Hold Me in His Hand

It is time for me to post again...just not quite sure what I am going to say.  I guess this: that God is good.  He takes care of me and holds me in his hand.  He has blessed me with an enjoyable job this summer- a Christian summer camp located on beautiful Canandaigua Lake.  I have been given the privilege of being a part of ministry while working in the camp office.  I have seen teenagers, little children, men and women come and go throughout the summer. I've seen pastors and their families make use of the cottages in order to find a time of rest.  We even had a couple who are missionaries to Italy stay a few days during their travel around the country speaking at churches. Last week we had close to 200 Christian motorcyclists stay at the camp

A few days ago, rather than work in the office, I was called upon to wait upon tables at a fancy women's luncheon.  I really enjoyed serving and it was fun to see a few familiar faces there. The job is interesting and the people I work with are lovely.

I wish that I could keep working there.  I love it that much, however...summer is coming to an end.  I trust that the Lord has more good things in store for me.

About the photo: This is the swimming area at LeTourneau with a beautiful sunset.  I do not know who took the picture.  I admit to borrowing it from Facebook.  If someone knows: tell me and I'll be glad to give them credit.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Plenty to be Thankful For

I guess I'm not alone in my disappointing search for a library job.  My friend Libby has been looking for a job for 2 years. She's hoping to be a public librarian...and subs for the Rochester area libraries. My friend Charlie had a few interviews this summer and was even called back for a second interview...and she has gotten nothing but rejection letters.  My friend Diane has had a couple of interviews this summer and has gotten passed over as first choice.  I have had three interviews this summer without a bite.

I don't know what to think. What do I do next, Lord?  Where is your still small voice that is supposed to direct my path? Is it there and I just can't hear it? Am I refusing to hear it somehow?

In any case...I have everything I need and plenty to be thankful for. I just need to remember this.

The photo is one I took of two boys in Ecuador playing happily with a deflated and beat up soccer ball on a muddy lot.  They don't need the latest and greatest equipment to find joy. To have a real soccer ball is actually quite impressive there.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Trying Again

I am trying again with my devotional blog.  It was a good thing.  I was learning and growing and then I stopped.  I did not keep my hand to the plow. Please check it out.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Old Books I Love

I've been reading Ramona Beverly Cleary.  So far I have read 3 this week.  I'm almost finished with a 4th and tomorrow I will start a 5th. Ramona always cracked me up and I could really relate to her when I was a kid...even the fact that she was an unusually good artist for her age.

Now when I read the books, I can really relate to the parents.  I never thought about it as a kid: never noticing how they struggled financially and Dad goes off to finish college...and the washing machine breaks down, and taxes are going to come due soon.  Actually reading them has made me realize that maybe what I deal with on a daily basis is more normal than not.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Thank you, Lord!

I have been reminded to give thanks for the loaves and the, "Thank you, Lord!" (John 6:8-13)

I have also figured out that my terrible rash is not the result of bug bites...but I must have had an allergic reaction to something.  I do not have any idea what.  It is clearing up, but I still have a few new spots on my arms and on one foot.  I stopped taking the Benedryl.  I believe that was contributing to my depression.  Yesterday Martha suggested I take Claritin.  She gave me one and the difference is huge.  I feel much better.  I slept better and didn't feel so negative and down either.  I woke up feeling better than I have in over a week!

Monday, August 06, 2012


I have been struggling a lot today to keep my thoughts positive. I just feel so down and discouraged about life lately. I keep trying to remind myself that I have so much to be thankful for...but the negatives just have a tight grip on me.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

What's up?

I have become a terrible blogger these days. I would like to get better at this again, but I've been having challenges. A quick update on my life.

I've had three interviews this summer. Each interview went well and I truly thought I had a chance...but I seem to never be the final choice for getting the actual job. It can be frustrating, but I'm trying to remain optimistic.

I got a call from a girl who told me about a public library that needs a full time children's librarian. I know about this library and was very reluctant because the hours of operation are bad. You see, it is a shared library: half the day it is a school library and the other half it is a public library. After being told several times about this position, I finally looked into it. The hours are M-Th: 3pm-9pm, F:3pm-8pm, and every other Sat: 10am-5pm. Absolutely not! A job like this would mean never being able to eat dinner with my family. It would mean leaving for work every day about the time my children are coming home. It would basically mean never spending time with them anymore. (or at least very little) It would mean never being able to see my son's sport events, attend any child's concert, etc. Terrible! I know that God must have a better plan than that for me.

In the meantime, I have been working at a Christian summer camp in the office. I really love it there. Last week, a former classmate of mine from high school came in with a large youth group from the city of Rochester. I knew that he had become a pastor. It was good to see him and talk with him. I had not seen him in about 20 years. I cannot afford to work at this camp forever. It has been a nice diversion...but unfortunately it will never pay the bills. Full time has not been offered anyway so it is irrelevant to think about.

Last week I got several mysterious bug bites on my neck, one on my right ear and two on my face. I also have four bites on my legs. The ones on my neck have flared up to a terrible rash...driving me crazy. I am on benadryl, also applying hydrocortisone creme. Keeping cool seems to help. Since today the heat is unbearable, I have been confined to a room in the house with an air conditioner unit in the window...which my personal doctor (husband) set up for me. Some people have told me that I ought to see a doctor (real one)...but I am hesitating because my health insurance is so poor. My health insurance decides for me-in it's infinite wisdom what is and isn't necessary to keep me healthy. Then I am left holding a large bill when I stray outside of it's guidelines.

That is all for now. I am ending this rather abruptly. Sorry...I have lost patience with thinking and typing while using a tiny keyboard...where I keep making errors and having to constantly correct.

Sorry no picture.