Saturday, August 25, 2012

God Continues to Hold Me in His Hand

It is time for me to post again...just not quite sure what I am going to say.  I guess this: that God is good.  He takes care of me and holds me in his hand.  He has blessed me with an enjoyable job this summer- a Christian summer camp located on beautiful Canandaigua Lake.  I have been given the privilege of being a part of ministry while working in the camp office.  I have seen teenagers, little children, men and women come and go throughout the summer. I've seen pastors and their families make use of the cottages in order to find a time of rest.  We even had a couple who are missionaries to Italy stay a few days during their travel around the country speaking at churches. Last week we had close to 200 Christian motorcyclists stay at the camp

A few days ago, rather than work in the office, I was called upon to wait upon tables at a fancy women's luncheon.  I really enjoyed serving and it was fun to see a few familiar faces there. The job is interesting and the people I work with are lovely.

I wish that I could keep working there.  I love it that much, however...summer is coming to an end.  I trust that the Lord has more good things in store for me.

About the photo: This is the swimming area at LeTourneau with a beautiful sunset.  I do not know who took the picture.  I admit to borrowing it from Facebook.  If someone knows: tell me and I'll be glad to give them credit.

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Bethany said...

I didn't know you were working at a camp this summer. How nice! Such a blessing to you and those whom you were serving. It's exciting (and nerve wracking!) to see what God will provide for you the rest of the year.