Saturday, August 11, 2012

Old Books I Love

I've been reading Ramona Beverly Cleary.  So far I have read 3 this week.  I'm almost finished with a 4th and tomorrow I will start a 5th. Ramona always cracked me up and I could really relate to her when I was a kid...even the fact that she was an unusually good artist for her age.

Now when I read the books, I can really relate to the parents.  I never thought about it as a kid: never noticing how they struggled financially and Dad goes off to finish college...and the washing machine breaks down, and taxes are going to come due soon.  Actually reading them has made me realize that maybe what I deal with on a daily basis is more normal than not.

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Martha said...

You got me reading Ramona too. I read most of Ramona the Pest yesterday. When Beverly Cleary became a parent, she never forgot how to think like a kid. I wish I could write stories like her. :)