Monday, August 31, 2009

Went to New Hampshire

Hello! Just got home last night from our New England trip. On the first day, we visited a Shaker Village in Canterbury, NH. It was very interesting...although I am fairly certain I would not want to be a Shaker. There was this gigantic tree there. The girls are demonstrating just how big it was in the picture. I don't think their hands could touch on the other side.
New Hampshire was beautiful. I saw a few "Moose Crossing" signs and intended to get a picture of a sign...but did not succeed at that. Did not see any moose at all, but did see a porcupine. We stayed in a hotel in Tilton, NH because Jamie had accumulated many points so we could get a pretty amazing deal.
Grad school officially starts again this week. I'll write more about our trip in a couple of days.


Rachel said...

So they're tree huggers now, huh? ;)

School starts this week? Ours starts the 9th.

Martha said...

I sure do miss those days of camping when we were kids. I'm glad you had some time to get away. Even if you did stay in a hotel it still sounds like fun.

Priscilla said...

The kids start school on the 9th. I start this week.

Wanda said...

Oh that sounds like such a wonderful trip.

Pricilla, I want to add my prayers for your Dad.

Love and Hugs

Priscilla said...

Thank you, Wanda.