Wednesday, May 30, 2007


  1. I am 40 years old.
  2. My birthday is in December.
  3. I am quite artistic.
  4. I'm not very self motivated (atleast not all the time).
  5. I'm not extraverted.
  6. Sometimes I wish I were...but most of the time I'm ok with it.
  7. I can play the piano.
  8. I can "spot compose" pieces of music.
  9. I cannot read music very well.
  10. I play a lot using chords and my own ear for music.
  11. I'm not a city girl.
  12. I don't like large crowds.
  13. I prefer peace and quiet.
  14. My neighborhood is a bit too noisy for my liking.
  15. I dream of having my own art studio in my home.
  16. I've sold some artwork.
  17. I've painted 2 different murals.
  18. I decided that I prefer smaller pieces of artwork.
  19. I wish I had someone to do artwork with on a regular basis.
  20. I used to take a painting class.
  21. I'd like to again some time.
  22. My friend Claudia has given me some watercolor lessons.
  23. I think I really could do well at it.
  24. I've been very busy lately.
  25. I don't care to be too busy.
  26. Down time is very important to me.
  27. I'm a home body.
  28. I don't plan ahead very well.
  29. I am very forgetful at times.
  30. I must keep lists and pay close attention to my calendar.
  31. My house is cluttered and I hate it.
  32. Deep down inside, I know I'm really a neat and tidy person.
  33. I don't care for asparagus.
  34. I like most other vegetables.
  35. I'm willing to try new foods.
  36. I try to be polite.
  37. Quite often, I root for the underdog.
  38. I hate to see people being picked on.
  39. I tried to be nice to the very unpopular kids when I was a school kid.
  40. Sometimes this made me very unpopular.
  41. Looking back, I think I could have done more than I did.
  42. I'd like to be fluent in another language.
  43. I studied Spanish for 4 years and German for 1 college semester.
  44. I did well at both of them...but was never immersed in using the languages, which is key to fluency.
  45. Someday I will go on a mission trip. Probably to a Spanish speaking country.
  46. I am very contemplative.
  47. Sometimes my heart rules my head...but not always.
  48. I am a melancholic.
  49. Sometimes I embarrass my children.
  50. I feel that this is my job as a parent.
  51. Sometimes I make up silly songs or rhymes to make my children laugh.
  52. I am pretty conservative.
  53. Strong perfumes really bother me.
  54. This past Sunday, I changed my seat in church because someone's perfume was bothering me.
  55. Modesty is important to me.
  56. I am trying to instill this in my children.
  57. Sometimes I still miss my brother. He passed away in 1983.
  58. I was 16 when he died.
  59. I would have like to get to know him as an adult.
  60. I don't feel like we knew each other very well.
  61. I was 9 years younger than him.
  62. I have another brother who has severe autism.
  63. I've never been able to really get to know him either.
  64. I am so thankful for the Christian sisters I have (both blood and not).
  65. I enjoy watching "Little House on the Prarie" episodes.
  66. I especially like the funny ones with Nellie Olson in them. (and Mrs. Olson)
  67. I have absolutely no desire to get a tattoo.
  68. Multiple body piercings really gross me out.
  69. I enjoy studying history.
  70. I just finished reading "Foxe's Book of Martyrs." A difficult read, but very powerful.
  71. I just checked out a book on local history from my library yesterday.
  72. It is probably the 3rd or 4th time I have checked this book out in the 14 years I've lived here.
  73. I wish I knew the history of this house. Like who lived here in the 1860's when it was built?
  74. I do know that a family from Italy lived here at one time and raised a family of 4 children.
  75. I wish the walls could speak (not really...that would be a little scary). Maybe they would speak in Italian and I wouldn't understand anyway.
  76. I stay up too late.
  77. I prefer dogs over cats.
  78. I do like cats though.
  79. I've only ridden a horse a few times.
  80. The last time I rode one I was 17 years old.
  81. Sometimes I create pieces of art and then have no idea what to do with them...but I can't get rid of them.
  82. I sometimes make up recipes.
  83. They usually turn out pretty good (just a few blunders).
  84. One of my recipes was published in a magazine (County Extra) and later it was put into a book (The Best of Country Cooking 2001, pg 61)
  85. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist.
  86. This causes some problems in doing artwork. I need to losen up!
  87. Sometimes I lack confidence.
  88. I don't like doing major construction-like sanding, staining, drywalling, etc.
  89. In fact I just groan at the mere thought of it. Ugh!!!!
  90. I day dream about hiring someone just to come and do all of the construction work on my house...and having an unlimited budget with it!
  91. I hate grocery shopping.
  92. If I have extra money, I'm more likely to blow it on art supplies than clothing.
  93. I've been spendig too much money lately and need to stay way from Michael's.
  94. I think Heberews 13:5 was written just for me. Go ahead and look it up!
  95. I enjoy taking a good nap now and again.
  96. I once had an opportunity to be an exchange student to Australia. (Rockhampton, QD)
  97. I still regret that I didn't do it.
  98. I'm not sure what the abbreviation for Queensland is.
  99. I've never been much of a risk taker and I've shortchanged myself because of it.
  100. I did it...and now I need to go to bed because I am going on a field trip with my daughter's class tomorrow! (I need adequate sleep to function well)


Wanda said...

Scilly: That was one of the best tags ever! Thank you for taking the time. So very interesting. I know you a lot better today...and you're a reall neat person!!!

Martha said...

I feel the same way about my brothers (almost exactly).

Strong perfumes also bother me as does smoke.

I love #'s 49 and 50!

And I don't remember the exchange student thing. (I probably would have chickened out if it were me, and then regretted it too.)

Kim said...

Pricilla, when I read this I felt like I could've written a lot of it myself. You did great! Especially the parts about down time, peace and quiet and tattoos and piercings. And I would love to know the history of my house too (1913) it apparently was once a duplex.

joeks said...

#49 and #50 (the parent's job)--Absolutely!

#30-#32 (lists, calendar, cluttered house, but inside I'm a neat and tidy person)--That's me too.

I don't know how everyone's finding time for these "100 Lists". I'll put it on my "To Do" list, but don't hold your breath! : )

Shelly said...

We have a lot of similarities too... perfectionist, lacking confidence, NAPs - I'm thankful for naps! :) Way to go.

Rachel said...

I feel that way about our brothers too.

I also embarrass my children...even when I don't try. Sometimes it's quite amusing!

I also lack confidence.

I stay up too late too, and naps rule!

Erica said...


My name is Erica and I've read your blog for ages but never commented. You have a great blog (and your family members too) :)

I live in Australia. That is cool you had the chance to come to Australia. If you'd come you would know "Qld" is the abbreviation :) I love it how Americans always abbreviate their state names (it can take me a while to work out which state you mean)! I live in Tasmania. What do you think the abbreviation is?!

Priscilla said...

Hi Erica! thanks for commenting!

Is Tasmania.....Tsma?

Erica said...

Hee, hee, nope. "Tas" or "TAS" :)

Martha said...

About #75... I recall a time when the walls of your house were talking...

kristina said...

I am quite artistic.
-you are a fabulous artist!

I don't care for asparagus.
-i can't eat canned asparagus or other ugly food.

I root for the underdog.I hate to see people being picked on.
-you are so sweet.

Sometimes I embarrass my children
-i have no children. sometimes i embarass myself though.

Heberews 13:5
-i did look it up. sneaky.

That is a great list. Lets us get to know you better.

Why in the world would you pass up a trip to Austalia?

Tracy said...

Good job, Priscilla. I guess I may have to cave and do a 100 list as well. Peer pressure is a strong influence...

T said...

I day dream about hiring someone just to come and do all of the construction work on my house...and having an unlimited budget with it!

we be right over....we work cheep!
air fare, food, crash on the floor.....LOL.