Friday, May 08, 2009


I mentioned that I took Allen last week to Cooperstown, NY for a History Day competition. He and three other boys created a documentary on General Patton and they were chosen to compete in states! I am very proud of the boys. They did a great job...and they are just really good kids! Here is a view of the lake in Cooperstown at a 100 year old hotel that their presentation was held at.Here are the boys in front of the hotel. I told them to pose as if they were on the cover of an album. From left to right: Sam, Jared, Allen, Eric.
One of the cool thins of the day was that we all got free passes to all 3 museums in town. we spent a fair amount of time at the Farmer's Museum. I wanted to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame just to say I had gone there...but we were not able to. I had ridden along with Sam and his mother and they needed to get back home.
Cooperstown is a wonderful town to visit. I suggest you go there if you get a chance.


Martha said...

I like your photo of the boys. My kids sometimes take their own pictures that way.

Are the museums in Cooperstown very costly? Maybe it would be a good place for me take a daytrip sometime.

Priscilla said...

I don't know. Maybe you could find out online. Cost was not an issue that day for us. I am just so disappointed about not being able to take full advantage of that!

I would have taken more photos, but my camera batteries died.

Rachel said...

Both pictures are great. Congrats boys!

Gudl said...

Very cool! Congratulations to the boys! Great job! The black and white looks interesting.

Wanda said...

Oh what a fun trip....wish I lived close enough to see what you saw.

Congratlations to the boys...that's excellent!