Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hope Springs

Do you remember this post? Mr. and Mrs. F.F. Thompson and the children look a little more comfortable now that it is spring, don't you think? Especially with their tree full of beautiful blossoms. Mary is still tirelessly holding the tiny hospital in front of which they stand today (it is now offices and some senior apartments).

There was a terrible tragedy in our town yesterday. I do not wish to go into details. Please keep our community and schools in prayer and especially the family of a 17 year old boy. I wanted to post this picture on this day since it symbolizes to me how God brings hope in the midst of a cold dark season. Spring will always come again and with it the beautiful blossoms.


Martha said...

You are still in my thoughts and prayers. Tragedy touches every one of us eventually but it seems your town has had more than it's share lately. Never lose sight of hope. I love you!

Rachel said...

I've been thinking about you, and his family too. I was also thinking the same thing as Martha, it does seem like your town has had more than it's fair share of heartache recently.