Saturday, May 18, 2013

A little lighter

Yesterday morning I woke up with a heavy heart.  I hadn't really gotten into it Thursday about the vice principal walking into the class when I was losing my cool with the class that was in there...I just was too sick about it to elaborate. It was very bad and cast me in a very negative light. I later was crying to my husband that I had just destroyed any possibility for getting a job in the future.  I just couldn't see how I could ever gain credibility back with the VP.  He said, "Maybe you didn' to her tomorrow."  I intended to, but she was never in her office when I stopped by.

I DID however, stop by another teacher's room (I will call her Mrs. P) to talk with her.  I knew her class was coming in to the library and that they were also difficult.  I walked into her room, formally introduced myself and said, "What works with your kids?"  Unfortunately she did not have time to talk because she was running to a meeting, but she indicated that the kids need to DO something in library besides color coloring pages.  I TOTALLY agree.  I have been bored to death with the lesson plans that the librarian has left for me.  I've already changed some of them to be more interactive learning.  Next week's lessons are an absolute SNORE!  If I am so bored with the lessons, why wouldn't the kids be? Later Mrs. P came into the library to toss a few ideas around with me.  We are planning on some sort of  research project for insects in the form of centers in the library.  I quickly changed the plans for today with her.  Today's lessons were not perfect, because I had about 40 minutes to get ready for three different grade levels to come in back to back, but it was some improvement over the other lesson.  It was a book entitled Bug Faces.  (I actually wrote a review for this book after reading it to second graders in another school district) Unfortunately, the class was poorly behaved...making it difficult to read the book.  VERY disrespectful children. That's a whole other story which I won't get into.

Anyway, Mrs. P was totally supportive and encouraging to me. She also said she would step into the VP's office to tell her that I had taken initiative to talk with her about being successful with her class.  Take a look at the student work page on this library's website (one I have subbed in in the past and learned so much at) and look at all the interesting projects that have been done.  That's how I want a library to look.  I feel so much lighter knowing that I have someone on my side.

I still need to talk with the VP and I need to confront Mrs. R about some issues I am still having with her.  Please pray for me.  I feel that this whole experience is a turning point in my search and experience as a school librarian.  It will either make me or break me.

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Martha said...

Something I heard in the sermon this morning made me think of you (and myself as well). It had to do with being sure we are filled with love, so that when the cup spills, it spills out love. It is my understanding that truly loving those who jostle our cups, involves prayer, praying for those who jostle us. In my case it is Mom and Petra (amongst others), and in yours it is the staff and students. Honestly, I've days I'd prefer the escape hatch, but that doesn't appear to be an option.