Thursday, May 16, 2013

Toto, we are not in Brighton anymore....

...or in Webster, or Pal-Mac, or Gananda...etc.

How I wished I were wearing ruby slippers and that I could click my heels together and go home.

I ended the day in a very BAD way.  The second graders that came in were horrible.  How can 2nd graders be that bad? I lost my cool with them...and in walked the vice principal.  Feeling like a giant failure right now.  Perhaps I should have stuck with public libraries.

The other very frustrating thing is that this school keeps pulling me out of the library during the times that I don't have a class, to do coverage for other classes.  This morning I was scheduled to sub for a 4th grade class from 9-10:30.  Mrs. R had the day off so I had to put the book drop box out in the hallway for returns and lock the library door.  That meant that none of the kids who returned books in the morning could take out books.  That is the time of day that I actually enjoy the most. Perhaps because it is the more enjoyable kids who are there to exchange books.  Kids who want to read.  I like making conversation with them and helping them find the books that interest them the most.  So...I had to sub for a 4th grade class.  At least the class was good.  The phone rang during the class and I answered it. It was the secretary who wanted to know if I was available to sub for another class at 10:30.  (It wasn't really a wasn't like I really had a choice.) least the 2nd class was good too. I found this to be very frustrating. Yesterday I covered for a class and tomorrow I will have to cover for another class from 9-10:30.

Seriously?  I know I need to be a good sport about this, but it is hard.  I have a headache.

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Martha said...

At least you will know not to apply for the full time position should it become available.

Stepping up my prayers for you.