Tuesday, July 06, 2010

July 4th picnic

It was a good day for a 4th of July picnic at my sister's house in Webster. A little different from our usual custom of heading down to my uncle's in Penn Yan. He is not feeling well since recovering from pneumonia. He's in the hospital again from what I hear.
Anyway...the young people piled into the pool and made huge splashing waves.
Later on during the daughter Alicia ventured in. Here are my girls with my terrific husband.
Lucas wanted to climb all over Alicia.
Josh loves the water. Several people took turns taking him in the pool. He has no fear of the water and I think he'll be a good swimmer some day. He even asked his uncle to throw him in. His uncle Dave obliged and his daddy caught him. He's only 2.
Here's Lucas. He's a cutie...but has quite a little temper and a strong will. He actually reminds me of his father when he was his age! Dave turned out to be a fine adult in the long run and I'm sure Lucas will be too. He has good parents!
Here is Martha and the other uncle Dave on the picnic blanket. Later on we returned home. None of our kids wanted to go see the fireworks. The girls had seen fireworks the night before in Geneva. Jamie and I walked down with the dog and saw them from the pier. It was a beautiful night. I didn't get pictures but my blog friend Katya did. She and I have never met face to face but sometimes I see from our posts that we come close to it at times.

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Rachel said...

We didn't see any fireworks, we were all too tired to venture out. We opted for a family movie at home instead. It was a nice day!

Uncle Chuck called Mom tonight while I was over there. He's feeling much better, but I think he's on a (maybe more than 1) new med.