Saturday, July 03, 2010

Library Opportunity

The good news that I never shared with you is that I have the opportunity to do some library work this summer. The children's librarian at our local library has asked me to run a few of the summer reading programs for two weeks while she is in France! I am pretty excited about this. On Wednesday & Thursday mornings, I will be running storytime for preschoolers. On Wednesday night, I will be doing pajama storytime...and yes, I will be dressing in my pj's! On the following Monday morning, I will be running a craft/story time for primary school children. You need to be preregistered for preschool storytime, but for the other programs, registration is not necessary.

So...if you know a kid that loves stories or crafts...come on out! Or, if you love stories and crafts, grab a kid and use him or her as an excuse to be a kid again yourself!


Jenny said...

Is that your library building? It is beautiful!

Sorry to read that you have had some sad times recently.

Martha said...

Very cool. Which week is this taking place?


Katya said...

Oooooooo, wish ***I*** were a kid!!!! The pajama time sounds WAY too cool! You are going to be having some mighty fun times ahead!

Priscilla said... is our local library. Thanks Jenny.

Martha...this coming week and the next.

Katya, grab a kid and come on down!

Gudl said...

Great opportunity for you to practice! I remember when Melissa was little and I took her to those story times. That was always fun and special!