Friday, July 30, 2010

Check out my kid

Audra is home from camp now. She and Abby had an absolute blast! There are some pictures online of her at camp. This one picture in particular is my favorite of her doing the ropes course (click on link to see it)! Aren't summer camps the best?

Photo of Audra on ropes course Here

And another of her rock climbing HERE!

Wish I were a kid again!


Bethany said...

Hey she's pretty brave!

Heather said...

Camp is the best!!! I always loved going to camp!

Rachel said...

Looks fun!

StacyB said...

looks like great fun! Glad she is home, safe, too!

joeks said...

Glad it was something Audra enjoyed! My youngest daughter just arrived home Sunday from spending June and July working at our church camp. Helping with the High Ropes Course was one of her main responsibilities.

Katya said...

Wow, what a fantastic photo....and yes, that does look like fun! Camp was always such a highlight of summer!