Monday, July 19, 2010

The Mina Project

At church we were given a sermon on the parable of the mina. Remember when Jesus told the story of a man who gave three of his servants an amount of money and then he went away on a journey? When he came back, he found that two of the servants had increased their amount, but the third had not. You can find the parable in Matthew 25:14-30.
Anyway, at the close of the sermon, two missionaries spoke about their experience down in Haiti. Then we as a congregation were given a challenge. Each adult in the room was given an envelope with an amount of money in it. We were asked to go and invest it in some way to try and increase it. We will be bringing all of the money back to church to give as a gift for Haiti Relief. I took my money, Jamie's money, and a friend's money (total amount of $30) and bought supplies to make 2 game boards. I have decided to raffle at least one of the game boards off. I may raffle off both of them if there is enough interest.
So: if you are interested, read on!
Each game board is double sided. On one side of the game board is the game "Aggravation" and on the other is "Chinese Checkers."They are each hand-painted by me. Here are a few pictures of the detail that I put into it.

Each game board also comes with a draw string bag that I sewed that holds all of the pieces needed for the game and also instructions on how to play.
Raffle tickets are each $5.00. All proceeds will go to the relief fund for Haiti. You can buy as many tickets as you want. Please put "Mina Project" in the subject line so I know that I can open it.


Martha said...

They are beautiful! Of course I will help you in the effort. Not only will I help advertise, but I want to buy a ticket or two also.

Rachel said...

They are beautiful! I'll buy a ticket or 2.

Martha said...

Ben and Hannah both said they would participate. Do I mail you a check?

Bethany said...

I will buy 5. That gives me a real good chance. Yes, shall I mail you a check?

Priscilla said...

yes. You can mail me a check. Either make it out to me or to Crosswinds Wesleyan Church.

Gudl said...

I will buy four. We will drop by your house with the money.
They are beautiful!

Priscilla said...

Thank you, everyone!

Rachel said...

If Bethany is buying 5 tickets, then I'm buying 6! :)

Martha said...

I put the money in the mail this morning. (Had I known you would be in Webster, I could have left it for you...)

Bethany said...

Is this some kind of competition Aunt Rachel?? LOL

Scott said...

Hi Priscilla,

Our church in Raleigh, NC just launched a Mina Project also! MY project is a blog that will chronicle the stories of our community and others who have experienced a Mina Project.

Would you be willing to let me interview you for 5-10 minutes by phone sometime soon?

Please email me back -

Steve Baggerly said...

Any chance you are still making these or would be willing to make more?

I know this post is rather old at this point, but if you are still interested in making some please let me know.


Steve Baggerly