Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hiding squash and other fun games

Today is the fourth day of school and it already seems like school is quite routine. Audra and have been butting heads lately. It seems like everything is an argument. I'm hoping that it is simply because we are both having a hard time breathing due to congestion (thanks to fall allergies). I made a lasagna last night and I layered into it thinnly sliced summer squash. Audra was totally put out by this. She says she hates squash and insisted that I ruined the meal. She whined about it during the entire meal (until I threatened her). My other two children said they liked it. I thought it still tasted deliscious. I also thought it was an ingenious way to use up the squash that has been sitting around.

I made muffins while the children were at school. I wanted them to be healthy. I found a recipe that used whole wheat flour and wheat germ. They turned out to be very yummy. This morning I told the girls that there were muffins for breakfast. Audra looked at them suspiciously. "What's in them?" she asked. I said, "Bananas, peaches, whole wheat flour, wheat germ, sugar(emphasis on sugar)." What I didn't tell her was that I had shredded up the remainder of the summer squash and put that in as well. She ate reluctantly. " you like them?" I figured that she would say a resounding "yes." They were sweet, moist, tastey with chunks of delicious peaches. What's there not to like? She looked at me and said, "No. All I can taste is wheat germ!"

Can I ever win?


Rachel said...

I feel your frustration! One of my boys frequently tries my patience. We need LOTS of prayer as parents, and to pray A LOT for our children. It is not always an easy task. Fortunately it sounds like your battles are quite minor, better food disagreements than behavior problems at home and school. I am very thankful that so far that my boys are choosing their friends carefully, and that they really want to live their lives God's way. When I think about that, all of our other issues pale in comparison. I will pray for you guys.

Martha said...

I am so blessed to have children who like just about everything. They rarely embarrass me by telling people they don't like something.

al said...

Mom, what if Audra sees this?

What's wrong with squash, pretezels and all those other stuff she all of a sudden doesn't like? I personly have alwaysed liked squash. Yum!

P.S. I had a feeling you put squash in those muffins!

Tracy said...

I'll take Audra's muffins!