Friday, September 22, 2006

Getting back in the word

I've been trying to be more disciplined with limiting my time on the computer. It has definitely been getting out of hand lately. The Lord has been convicting me that I have not been honoring him through serving my family...and also not honoring the Lord through spending time with Him. may all hear less from me, but I will still be around.

This week Community Bible Study started up again. I am so happy to once again be accountable to a group of women each week for the study of God's word. This year we are studying Galatians and then Hebrews. This morning I did my first lesson on Galatians. I sat at the kitchen table with my Bible and my lesson and a pen. The lessons for CBS are deep and thought provoking. As a friend of mine describes it, it is a "Bible Study with teeth in it." I would encourage anybody to look for a CBS in the area they live in and sign up!

I got a phone call from the prayer chain with a prayer request for a mom who attends my church. She has MS and is really having a difficult time walking. She no longer can walk independently, but must use a walker and often needs help from a person as well. It is so hard to see her decline. I remember when I met her about 13 years ago, I could not even tell she had MS. I guess at that time it had just been discovered. She has 3 school aged boys. Years ago, she and I were in the same young mother's group. I remember her carrying her youngest son in a kids' carrier back pack. I sent her a card with a few verses and a note. I hope it lifts her spirits. I know she sometimes suffers from discouragement and depression. Please keep Christine in your prayers.


Rachel said...

I will keep Christine in my prayers.

I am enjoying my CBS as well, although I wasn't quite as disciplined with lesson 1 as I should have been. I only completed 1/2-3/4 of my study. It was a difficult 1st lesson for me. We are studying Acts.

Nixter said...

thanks for the getting back into the word reminder :)

lm1 said...

it is hard to keep a balance.
the juggleing act between husband,children,God, and well for me my animals and computer.... it can be overwelming... only because I forget that if i put God at the top of the list then there really is no juggling.