Saturday, November 07, 2009

Sectionals for X-Country

I know this picture is pretty lousy...but it's what I have! Today was a gorgeous day! Warm, sunny...a good day for a race. It was Sectionals for the X Country Teams in the area. Allen did not run his best. He got a bad cramp in the middle of the race. Right behind him is Dominik from Arcadia. Dominik is the son of a close childhood friend of I was pleased to see him in the same photo. In the end, Dominik came in ahead of Allen...but I think it was only because of the cramp. Next year, Dominik! Next year!And here is a little team building exercise after the racing was done!


Martha said...

So sorry Allen wasn't feeling well. Maybe next year even his lazy, old Aunt Martha will venture out for sectionals... You never know.

Love the photos and they had great weather for a final race of the season. Wonder what Kate will have to say about it tomorrow. Bet M will be glad it's all over.

Rachel said...

Too bad he wasn't feeling well, he must've been a little bit disappointed to have not been 100% for sectionals. Hope he feels better soon!