Monday, November 23, 2009

Is it Thanksgiving yet?

Like this picture? Allen took it this summer. Thought I'd use it...because I like pictures on my posts and I have nothing in my pics that have anything to do with today's entry.

It was a beautiful day...and I did not go out and enjoy it. I cleaned a dentist office and then did some errands on the way home. I needed to buy carrots for the turkey soup I'm making with the leftovers from the turkey I roasted on Friday. Am I confused about the date? No...I realize that Thursday is Thanksgiving and that I will be eating turkey. I will be going to Martha's house. There will be many people there and I will not get any leftovers. Almost everything will be eaten up on Thursday and whatever is left...Martha will get. That is only fair since she roasted and hosted. I like leftover I took it upon myself to roast a turkey of my own on Friday. I did not wait until next week to do it...because Jamie is going to France.
(Again...nothing to do with today's post. A picture of us on Mount Cardigan in New Hampshire)
So I made soup, mopped my kitchen floor, dozed off while reading, watched Arthur with my daughter, ran to the store to buy bread since I was too lazy to bake my own...and I am now sitting and waiting for my son and hubby to come home so we can eat! The smell is driving me crazy because I am hungry!


Martha said...

Hope you threw some noodles in that soup!

I somehow doubt there will be much leftover for us either. Maybe I'll have to dig up another turkey somewhere and cook it up too.

I did not get out to enjoy the day either. We enjoyed it from inside. I made two batches of strawberry jam and wielded a paintbrush instead.

Bethany said...

Good planning ahead. I'm glad we will all be together on Thanksgiving... Except Jim.

Wanda said...

Sounds like it will be a good Thanksgiving at Martha's! I'm baking the turkey, making the dressing and pies. I doubt if we have any leftovers either.

Your Turkey Soup sounds so good!

Have a marvelous time at Martha's.

Tracy said...

sounds like great planning, Priscilla. I love those two pictures. Your kids have grown since we were there. they look different. Allen is really starting to look like a young man instead of a young teen. I hope you are all well.