Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Obstacles and Bends in the Road of Life

I am really anxious now to get back to my grad work. I'm almost done...only two more courses and then my school internship. As many of you readers know (all 2 of you), I had to stop my studies because of my father's illness. None of us expected him to go so fast. I spent the day with Mom. I really miss Dad. I had a dream about him last night. I don't remember any of the details of my dream, just that he was in it. At Mom's, I just had to check to see if his coat was still hanging on the hook in the laundry room. It was. Along with his hat and sweater vest. Somehow that makes me feel good. I like seeing them there.

I just hope there are no more unexpected bends in the road for a while. There is good news! I can do my secondary level practicum with the same librarian that I was originally going to do it with. I wasn't sure if I could because she talked about retiring some day on her blog and that worried me a little.
Even though I am anxious about getting back to my studies, I am also strangely nervous about it.


Rachel said...

I miss him lots too. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and things he used to say or do. I like to see his things at home still too, and it's great that Dave and Leta are there to keep Mom company.

Jenny said...

I always find it hard and feel nervous to get back to things - especially a new class each year.
Best wishes.

Martha said...

I love the door photo. Is that at Sonnenberg Gardens?

There is something nice about seeing Dad's things hanging there, but I know they cannot stay there forever. I had to smile the other day when Dave put Dad's red checked winter hat on his own head. He didn't actually wear it outside, didn't think it looked quite right, I guess.

joeks said...

So here's proof that you have more than two readers! (That's how I feel sometimes too.)

I've dreamed about my dad (he died in 2000), and my in-laws too. Memories are a blessing!

Glad to hear your practicum will work out as planned. Prayers for peace of mind as you get back into the student routine.

Wanda said...

I love your photos. Also, I was touched when you talked about your dad's coat, sweater vest on the hook. That is a good thing!

Gudl said...

One day at a time, my friend.
I know it is a saying, you hear all the time, but it is so true.
It will all be alright in the end.

Bethany said...

I miss him too. I put my garden things away last Saturday and took a little longer putting away the tomato cages this year. Grandpa had made them for me from some old fencing. He was so meticulous about the things he made...

Ruth said...

You do have more than two readers!!

Praying for you and your mum (and sisters).

I'm sure once you start the studies again, you'll enjoy it again too.