Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just another Saturday

More chronicling of my exciting life.
It's just another Saturday in our amazing household. Audra practiced tickling the ivories. They giggled quite nicely.
Allen went to swim practice at the high school and then came home and proceeded to make plans with friends. I was a very mean mother and made him do some homework before he took off.
Alicia and I baked peanut butter fingers. Tonight...I will be home alone. Alicia is staying over night at a friend's house. Jamie is working on our car over at Roy's house. Audra went to Abby's. Allen is hanging with Sam and Jacob. Maybe Sherman and I will take in a movie, what else?


Jenny said...

How lovely to have an evening to yourself.

Rachel said...

I made peanut butter fingers too, and took them over to the Chinnici's house. I hope you enjoyed your night. Sometimes it's nice to have some time alone.

Wanda said...

A nice treat after practicing and homework. I'd like to stick my finger in the Peanut Butter Fingers!!! Yummmm.