Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I'm finally getting around to telling you that the swine flu has come to our house. The school called me on Friday to come and get Alicia because she had a fever of 100.5. That evening the coughing started.
All in all, she had a fairly mild case of it. Between doses of acetaminophen, she happily read or played with her dolls. By yesterday she was bored and I went to the school to get some work for her. Today I "home schooled" her. She is itching to get back to school. She no longer has a fever....but the cough is lingering. I talked to the school nurse today and she agreed that as long as Alicia has not had a fever for a few days she can come back to school in spite of the cough. No one else has caught it besides her. At this point, I think the rest of us will be spared.
These pictures were taken by Allen at the NY State Fair last summer.


Martha said...

So glad she's feeling better and the other pi.. oops!...I mean kids are still feeling fine. Drink hot liquids, wash your hands a lot, and don't touch your face.

Nice pigtures!

Rachel said...

I'll bet we had the similar strain in the 70's. I found out yesterday that I was exposed last week at work. Other employees came down with it, but not me.
I'm glad she had a mild case and is on the mend.