Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Oh but...just look at HER desk!

Every year at the beginning of the school year (and several times during it) I make valiant attempts to become organized. There are just so many papers to deal with. Papers for the school health office, homework policies, Awana, student handbooks, lists of teachers and their contact information, insurance papers, bills, loan papers, receipts, school supply lists, sports schedules, invitational schedules, fund raising papers, lists of important dates to remember, baby shower invitations, letters from religious organizations, volunteer papers, church papers...I can't even list it all.

How can someone who is aspiring to be a librarian be so unorganized? Well...luckily I have gotten a glimpse of a few different librarians' desks that are a complete jumble of papers and books...and these are good librarians too I should add. (I've also seen some spotless desks...but we are not going to mention them) Somehow I find this comforting.


kristina said...

I noticed something funny when I was a file clerk. When my desk was stacked neatly and looked clean, people assumed that I was on top of things and doing a good job, even though when things were all spread out and junky looking they were usually more organized.

Gudl said...

I have a messy table with all those papers, too! I find that very often after a while I can throw a lot of those papers away!! And I did nothing with them in the meantime, haha.
It was nice seeing you yesterday!
I continue to pray for you all.

Martha said...

As long as nobody else touches my mess, I can keep track of where stuff is. Unfortunately, sometimes it gets moved.

I've heard that a messy desk is a sure sign of genius... (I know I'm not one because I can't even spell the word without help.)

kristina said...

lol! Martha. you are funny.

gudl- I find that too. strange phenomenon.

Priscilla said...

I save papers all the time that I never refer to. I'm always glad to discover things that are long past their usefulness so I can get rid of them.

Dunja said...

Same here...HATE those papers