Saturday, September 12, 2009

Here we go 'round the mulberry bush

At the Shaker village in Canterbury, NH there was mulberry tree. It was pointed out to us by one of the workers. She encouraged us to pick some and eat them.

I will say that they were absolutely delicious, although a little messy. I had never seen a mulberry tree before and wonder if they don't grow in NY state. I think they definitely should! I would like one in my yard. I ate several of them before moving on to the rest of the museum.

I also wonder why in the nursery rhyme, it is called a mulberry bush. It was definitely a tree.


Jenny said...

We have a mulberry 'bush' in our backyard. And our neighbours have a HUGE tree.
They are great for collecting leaves when it is silkworm season. But bad when the fruit is ripe - the birds eat it and then poo on the washing on the line. Arggghhh.

Martha said...

Cool! I think there was some kind of berry tree growing at Robert Treman State Park way back when, but I can't recall what Dad said it was.

Dunja said...

So that is what it is! Never saw one either.