Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ice and Stress

Today there was an hour delay for school because of icy road conditions. I haven't been out in it, but my husband walked to the local Y where he lifeguards and swims. He said the sidewalks were terrible. He called to tell Allen and Audra that he would be driving them to school. Allen had already left. He doesn't like walking with his sister and I think he left on purpose before she was ready. I thought he was leaving awfully early. I told him he should wear his boots, but he would not do that. I am a silly old mom who apparently just doesn't get it I guess. So Audra got a nice warm, dry ride to school and Allen walked to school...slipping and sliding all the way. Upon arriving to school, his feet were probably wet and frozen (see his blog).

School officially starts on Monday for me...but not really, because I have a professor who has already assigned a reading and a short assignment which is due on Tuesday. There is a problem for me with that because I have not received my textbook yet. I ordered a used copy from Amazon in mid-December. I was wondering what was taking so long, so I checked on it. I was horrified to discover that I had ordered it from someone in England!!!! Yes, you read that correctly...the country of England! I went back to the original posting of the book and there is no indication that it was being shipped from England. The shipping cost is also pretty average, so that wasn't an indicator either. Anyway...I immediately went into a state of anxiety over it. Who knows how long this will take to arrive. I finally opted to order a second copy of the book...this time finding a seller in New York State. I ordered it rather late, but I'm sure it will get here before the other one. Luckily I have a friend who is taking the same course. She lives in Fairport...about 3 towns away from mine. She has her book and if mine does not come by Friday, I will drive to her house and photo copy chapter one. It was a blessing that she agreed to help me out.

The semester has not even officially begun and I'm already stressing! Not a good sign.


Martha said...

I hope you will find a good way to destress. In the meantime, I will keep you in my prayers. I know you want to do more than just finish, you want to finish well. God will make a way.

Wanda said...

That would be a stresser all right. Glad you have a friend you can rely on for the chapter.

Will have you in my thoughts and prayers too.


Pig said...

Uncle Jamie lifeguards? Who would've guessed? Not I, said the Pig.