Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Yesterday morning, my alarm rang to wake me up to go clean a house. Ugh...who wants to get up on a cold chilly day? I turned off my alarm, turned on a bedroom light and got in bed again. I know...that's a dumb thing to do. Then I heard the phone ring. It was a my client telling me that there had been no plows on her road. They couldn't get out, and I couldn't get in. I looked outside and that is when I figured out that we had about a foot of snow that fell over night. I went outside and started shoveling. I shoveled quite a bit and then woke up Allen to do some shoveling. Later after more snow fell, our neighbor, Mr. Fiorentino got his snowblower out. He cleared out our driveway and all our walkways!
Hannah had stayed over night. I was thinking that she might bring the new year in with us. I dressed warmly, made myself some coffee, and worked on a puzzle. The girls had a wonderful time. I heard a lot of giggling going on. I think they were all hoping for another overnight. Later on in the afternoon, I ventured out with the girls to meet Martha halfway between her house and mine. It was only about a half hour drive for both of us...maybe a little bit less.
We brought the new year in quietly. Jamie and Allen actually went to bed before midnight. They were too tired to care. The girls were determined to stay up even though they were tired. We got all ready for bed and waited for midnight. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Then we kissed and hugged and went to bed. By 12:15 AM on 1/1/09...our house was dark and quiet.


Bethany said...

I've been working on my puzzle too. :) And I was equally surprised on Wednesday morning to find so much snow outside! After all, when I peeked out the window at 11 pm the night before, there was still no snow.

Martha said...

I guess winter has made a comeback. I was really dreading going out into the snow Wednesday afternoon but we made it there and back without incident. Our New Year's Eve was rather quiet and I should have gone to bed long before I did.

I am not doing a puzzle but maybe I will think about it.

Wanda said...

Burrrr, I'm cold just seeing your snow. Your puzzle is nice, but it's a slice of that banana bread in the background that I want, and coffee to if you don't mind.

Happy New Year to you and your family!


joeks said...

Puzzles and winter just go together, don't they? I'd better finish getting our Christmas decorations put away, so there's room on the table to do my new one.

Have a wonderful 2009!