Sunday, August 03, 2008

Watkins Glen

We went to Watkins Glen State Park on Friday. Just an incredibly beautiful place! Our Lord is the most amazing sculptor. I would highly suggest that anyone visiting NY state go to see this incredible natural wonder!
The hike up the gorge trail is not for the weary as there are many steps to climb. It is well worth it. There were quite a few tourists on the trail. I think I heard about four different languages being spoken.

This is Rainbow Falls. At just the right time of day, when you are hiking down the trail, you can see a perfect rainbow. I saw it on the way down. I had handed the camera to my husband (who was hiking slower a ways up). I trusted that he would certainly get a photo as he passed it. He didn't. (I really have forgiven him of the oversight)

There is just no way to capture the beauty of this place on film. You just have to go there. I hope to go again this fall when the colors of the foliage are amazing. You may join me if you promise not to mind stopping at antique stores on the way down.

Here is a photo taken while standing undernieth Rainbow Falls while looking up.

Are you ready for a trip to NY state yet? It is much more than that big city everyone hears about.


T said...

let me be the first coment. this is amazing! I wish I were there. how is the hike for the kids? little kids. that first shot looks like there is no rail...SCARRRRY!

Rachel said...

We were camping there all weekend!! We arrived at around 2:15pm on Friday and set up camp. We hiked the gorge on Saturday, having no idea that you were just there. I wrote on my facebook that we were going there, but I guess you missed it. Mike and Donna and their kids camped with us, as well as our friends Dwayne and Noreen and their boys. We would've loved to have you guys come and make smores with us all on Friday night! We just got home a short time ago. I'll post some pics on my blog too.

Wanda said...

Oh Priscilla ~~ I am so ready for a trip to your beautiful state!! It may never happen, but I can dream, and look at the wonderful pictures on your blog....Thanks!

Jenny said...

I'll come and visit one day.

Priscilla said...

That is funny, Rachel!

T, the hike could be challenging for little kids...but I saw others doing it.

Jenny, cool!

Priscilla said...

T, everything is safe because of stone walls. Jamie was leaning over the wall when he took that picture(with feet firmly on the path).

Martha said...

Great pictures! We've probably been to Watkin's more than any of the other glens. I think T.'s kids could do this one but Enfield Glen at Robert Treman is a much longer hike. It would have been so much fun if you had met up with Rachel, but then I would have been jealous.