Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Beautiful Baby Feet

This is Kaidin. He is such a beautiful baby....which doesn't surprise me. When Jamie and I got married, Kaidin's mother, Kelly was just a little girl. I remember thinking that she was beautiful. Kaidin's grandma, Nancy adopted Kelly from Korea. Now Kelly is 21, married, and has a baby of her own.
Nancy was babysitting her grandson while Kelly and Kaidin's Daddy went on a tour of the local wineries. I wanted to take pictures of Kaidin's feet because I think baby feet are just so precious. Kaidin thought I was a little weird, but Nancy didn't.


Allen said...

cute pics!

Wanda said...

Oh Priscilla ~~ I so agree...there is nothing so sweet and precious as baby's feet!

Kaidin is so adorable.

Jenny said...

He is a sweet looking boy.

Martha said...

Can I give him a kiss? Please? Hoe 'bout I kiss his feet while they are still little and sweet?

joeks said...