Friday, August 08, 2008

Hard at Work

There are lots of things I should be doing right now. But I'm not. I'm just sitting here on my butt in front of a computer. Wasting valuable time, accomplishing little. I could be folding laundry, doing dishes, vaccuuming, dusting...picking up clutter. I could be reading my Bible. I could be sorting yard sale items and pricing things. I could be baking cookies or painting. I could be hanging up that picture I've been meaning to hang. Yup. I'm being pretty useless.

This, by the way, is a picture of Mukles (pronounced Moo-klees). He's relaxing with a beer. He deserves to relax because he has been hard at work in his garden, and serving chicken that he grilled himself to a myriad of guests. (Mukles is from the country of case you are wondering about the foreign name)

My washing maching has just indicated that it is done. That is my cue that I should get moving.


Rachel said...

I've been a bum today too, although I did empty the laundry basket at the end of our bed, exercised a bit and took a shower. I think I did some dishes this morning too...There is much to be done here. I need to take Steven to his art class and bake a dessert for tonight.

Martha said...

I have felt pretty useless but I did get up and take several children to VBS, dropped Nathan of to help James, ran through the rain to buy water in BJ's (go figure), visited Mom and Dad for a bit and then went back to church where my little grandson fell asleep on my shoulder. I sat with him for over an hour while he slept. Now I am finally home again and need to do my morning chores now that it is nearly 2:30 pm.

Priscilla said...

All things considerred, I did pretty well yesterday after I got moving. was only 8:55 AM when I wrote that.

-folded and put awany laundry that I did.
-Did dishes.
-Took Alicia and Makaela to a puppetry class.
-Took Alicia to a viola lesson.
-Dropped her off at puppet class again.
-Did a small amount of grocery shopping.
-Returned to the puppet class and watched a children's performance.
-Made lunch for 4 hungry children.
-Cleaned up the kitchen.
-Cleaned and straightened a desk.
-Rearranged the middle room.
-Added dtuff to the evergrowing pile of things for my upcoming yard sale.
-Prepared food for a visit from Rach, Dave, Steve, and Mike.
-more dishes.
-And finally relaxed and ate peanut butter fingers while playing a game of Sequence with Rach and Dave.

Not bad!

Martha said...

Not bad at all!

Wanda said...

Well that's quite a TO DO list completed!! Good for you..

I got my daughters birthday cake made this morning, and it looks pretty cool with m&ms on top.

I had a crazy episode tring to get your post the other day...kept coming up with some blogger advertisement... Glad it's back to normal today.


Allen said...

Or you could be serving your wonderful boy.

spiritual said...

Hard at
work, for sure.