Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today I went to talk to one of the librarians I will be doing a practicum with in the fall. I really like her. I think she is a fabulous school librarian. I look forward to working with her. My other potential position is hanging in the balance. It all depends on how the school budget votes go in her school district as to whether or not she will be around to mentor me for 4 weeks. I voted today.

I saw a coyote on the way home. He ran in front of my car. No picture. Even if I had had my camera with me, it happened too fast to get a picture.

Not much else is going on. I've been frittering away my time...which is absolutely shameful!


Martha said...

Maybe you have earned the chance to "fritter" for a little bit. Take a deep breath and see if you can remember how to relax.

It was good to see you at Mom's today.

Rachel said...

Ditto what Martha said.

I thought it was neat how we all happened to be at Mom's today, but no one knew the other was going to be there.

Martha said...

For your frittering entertainment...

"buckoff"? okay....

joeks said...

It will be interesting to hear how the school vote turns out. I presume your state has all kinds of school budget woes going on too.

Getting a photo of a coyote would have been surprising! They do move quickly.

I definitely think you should try Martha's suggestion for frittering. I might too. :) yumm!