Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Cool decor that no one enjoys...except for the woodchucks

This is a picture I took behind my father-in-law's barn. This wheel has been sitting out here for many many years. I thought it would make a really cool edition to my garden a few years ago. I cleared away a lot of brush to get to it. I then discovered that it is not just an old wooden wheel sitting there, it is connected to some rusty apparatus of some sort. This strange "thingamajig" is half buried under the ground. It looked hopeless...so I left it. Maybe I should try again sometime. For now...it sits.


StacyB said...

there must be a cool saw that could cut the thing-a-ma-jig loose. I agree. It is pretty cool and would look nice in a garden... :)

Martha said...

I like it too. Maybe someone could at least give it a garden. How about you plant some tulips there in the fall?

Bethany said...

Try again! Try again!!