Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Pretty View

I thought you might enjoy seeing the view from my inlaw's place. This is their driveway and straight ahead is another of the Finger Lakes. This one is Seneca Lake. There still is a lot of open farm country as you can see. If you go down this driveway and turn will see a farm with a lot of black angus cattle. Down a little more, and you will see a neat and tidy Amish dairy farm. This was taken on Father's Day.
My paper is done and handed in!!!! Yeah!


Joe Fool said...

Farmland is nice... there's not much left around here. Rich guys keep turning it into housing tracts :(

Rachel said...

I love that view, very pretty!

I'm so glad you have some classes behind you already. Relax and enjoy summer!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Oh now that is a beautiful place to live! Awesome!

Martha said...

I love the Finger Lakes. They're so pretty.

I've never been to "Jamie's house".

Gudl said...

Congratulations for handing in your paper! You are good!
Happy 4th of July to you! See you Tuesday!!
Nice photo!

Dunja said...

Very beautiful view! Sometimes I miss Upstate NY!

Judi-gmj said...

A little piece of paradise. Congrats on the paper.. Breathe for a few weeks then .. bam! Hit it again.