Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Jamie has completed yet another triathlon. This is NOT a picture of that day. This was one taken on a day that he rode his bike from our town to my inlaw's house. About 35 miles. It was not his best ride. He was suffering from some cramping.
He has just gone to Quebec on a business trip. Too bad he does not speak French. I wish I could go on a trip to Quebec. I think Jamie and I could use a trip away together. Our relationship is suffering from "cramping" too. Too many mundane activities and daily worries cramping us.


Kim said...

Because of the title, I thought for sure this this post was going to be about camping in a really small tent. I was WAY off.

I can relate to the "cramping" in a marriage. It's hard to make time for just the two of you when there are so many other things going on. And yet it's so important to have time away from the nest and the kids. Even for just a few hours!

Rachel said...

Time away together is so very important. Do you guys have any time to get away this summer? When Allen and Audra go to camp, maybe Alicia could stay with a little friend so that you and Jamie can get away for a couple days. She could stay with us, but I'm afraid she'd be bored to tears with no one girls her age to play with. Even date nights are great! How about dinner out and a walk along the canal in Schoen's Place. Dave and I did that one night a few weeks ago and there was a live jazz band playing music there along the canal. It was really nice!

Dunja said...

Priscilla...sorry I am braindead! I have no idea why I called you Patricia.So dumb.See, I am not quite functioning....

Wanda said...

Cramping of any kind not fun.

Hope you all find some relief real soon.

It's a really nice photo, wish he wasn't in pain.

Gudl said...

I am sorry to hear about the 'cramping'...yes, go together on a trip, couples need that!!
I would like to see Quebec myself.