Thursday, July 24, 2008

Play Pen

I just love this picture of Josh and his mommy playing.


Gudl said...

that is very cute!

Wanda said...

Wonder if Josh was thinking of that old western song "Don't fence me in?" As long as Mommy is inside the fence it's OK>

Very darling picture.

Martha said...

This child needs to be contained sometimes. He is so on the go and doesn't like to sit still for more than the time it takes to eat a few Cheerios. He's a mover! But, yes, he does enjoy having a friend or two inside the fence with him.

(How did my mom ever raise five children without a playpen?)

Bethany said...

That is a cute picture of us. We're having a good ol' time playing together. I think I need a playpen like that of my own. It'd come in handy around here!