Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A white world

It's a white world here. This is when I like the snow best. When it is so fresh and clean and pretty. I especially like it if I can stay home and just be. Whatever I need to do-clean, cook, read, blog,'s perfect. Yesterday I needed to go out and it was a bit scary. I went to a friend's house. She lives way out in the country. Her road had not been plowed at all by the time I left. I had a death grip on the steering wheel and drove about 20 mph all the way down her looooong and windey and hilly road, and turned onto another unplowed road and then I turn onto a half plowed that had been plowed on the opposite side that I was traveling on.Finally I made it to the main road and was happy to see it plowed and in relatively good condition.

It took me much longer to get home and barely made it before the school bus (I saw it rounding the corner as I pulled in the driveway) When I got home I just ached all over. I think it was because I had been so tensed up and stressed out. I was just glad to be home and safe. Somehow I managed to pull off dinner and then I could relax.

This pine tree is in my back yard. It looks very pretty right now.


kristina said...

I had a death grip on the steering wheel and drove about 20 mph
I know how that goes. Not fun.

The snow does look pretty. Ours is brown and ugly.

Rachel said...

It does look beautiful on the trees!

Bethany said...

How much snow did you guys get down yonder?

Gudl said...

I saw two cars in different ditches that day!
I was glad, too, when I was home.
We got a lot of snow up here in the mountains!!
It looks nice, but I had enough of it to be honest.

Martha said...

I have to go out to get Troy today. I would so much rather sit inside, sip a hot cup of tea, and paint.

I'm freezing right now and I have yet to go out. (It is pretty though.)

Wanda said...

It's absolutely beautiful, your pine tree. Picture Perfect!

Jenny said...

Wow. I am just lamenting that it is the last day of Summer. It was only 20 degrees celcius today. I had to wear a sweat shirt.
Your tree is very pretty.

Christine said...

I know that achy feeling. After driving in the fog here, I feel like that.

BTW, I love your house. It is so quaint. :)

joeks said...

Snow: if only we could just enjoy how pretty it is and not have to worry about driving in it. Glad you made it safely to home, sweet home!