Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Doing Better arm is considerably better. I've been able to resume most every activity. I must be careful not to restress it. Left hand blogging is very difficult and no fun!
It was a very windy and rainy day. Many more leaves have fallen to the earth. I was up at a friend's house today. What a gorgeous view of God's beautiful earth...even in the wind and rain. She lives on a hill in the country and the colors are magnificant. Wish I had a picture.
Now...I just need to think of something interesting to blog about.


Martha said...

We flew out of Buffalo yesterday afternoon around 4:30, right on up through the clouds, down into Chigago through the clouds, down into Kansas City through the clouds, and into Albuquerque with NO CLOUDS! I thought maybe the entire United States was covered with a blanket.

Priscilla said... are way over there already? Take pictures to share with us on your blog! Have fun!

Rachel said...

Hey!! Glad to see you made it safely!

Priscilla said...

I've been overdoing it again already. Need to quit blogging for awhile. boo hoo!

Nixter said...

those leaves are so beautiful :) Glad you are doing better :)