Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Holidays!

From left to right: my husband Jamie, daughter Audra, daughter Alicia, son Allen and me

We have been blessed to have all of our kids home. Allen is home from Boston where he has been working with City Year as he rethinks his college plans. He has been trying to figure out what college to transfer to for the fall. Meanwhile, Audra is a senior and is exploring her options for college choices for the upcoming year as well. Alicia is a sophomore. I also am not sure where The Lord will take me as far as schools in the fall. Life is unknown right now. I thank God that it is not unknown to Him.

Living by the seat of my pants while learning to trust usual. The lesson never ends!


Martha said...

Life is full of lessons. Hate when (I learn them too late.)

Loved seeing all of you yesterday and look forward to catching up again soon.


anopensketchbook said...

You're not alone. I happen to take some pride in the ability to live by the seat of my pants---not everyone can! Beautiful family!

Priscilla said...

Thanks, Suzanne!