Friday, December 05, 2014

Enjoy This Year's Christmas Video!

My husband is the production manager at a small company that makes professional videos. The company has made a number of local commercials, training videos for companies, documentaries, etc.  They have done work for Xerox, Aldi, International Food Network, and Gould Pumps to name a few. In fact, Xerox even sent them to France and Germany to create videos for their international division.

Every year they create a Christmas video for the amusement of their family, friends, and clients.   So here is this year's video.

Just for the record, my husband is the shorter of the two Animal Kontrol guys and the one who flings himself into the tree.

Oh yeah...I almost forgot. One of the very important jobs my husband has (along with everyone else who works for LaBarge) is to spot inconsistencies and other mistakes during video work. In this year's video....they created one on purpose. See if you can spot it.


Martha said...

I went directly to the link and that is why I didn't leave a comment. But I loved it.

Priscilla said...

That's good to hear. I thought maybe I was dealing with a tough crowd.

Bethany said...

Watched it on Facebook! Hilarious as always!

Priscilla said... one tried to figure out the purposeful inconsistency? Almost every time that John is shown on the video, he is wearing a different shirt. He is the one in glasses who's "got a guy."

The house that they trashed was a house up in Williamson that was slated for demolition. It had been damaged by fire. They repainted the smoke stained walls of the living room to make it look fresh. The house was demolished a few weeks after the production of this video. The kitchen scene was recorded at Kyle's parents' house. The house that is shown outside is an entirely different house. It is on Main Street in Canandaigua. A friend of the LaBarge family owns the it.