Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thinking of Dad

Six months ago I was really upset when I couldn't find a picture of Allen with his grandfather anywhere. He was the only grandchild without a picture of himself with his grandfather on the board of pictures at the service. is one! I am guessing that it is from July 4, 2005. I also am thinking that Martha must have taken this picture. I don't know though. I'm still sad that there isn't a more recent one.
I really miss that man. I was happy to see Martha's Post today. Thanks to video, he can remain that much more with us.


Martha said...

Either way I like this picture. I just wish I hadn't cut the top off Allen's head.

Bethany said...

I miss him too. I'm wondering who I will be able to compare my veggie garden with this year. We were always looking to see what was good, growing in each others' garden.

Wanda said...

It is a lovely picture. A treasure indeed.