Saturday, March 20, 2010

A little closer to being finished

I spent a fair amount of time yesterday at a local High School creating this book display. I will say that I am quite pleased with it. The display showcases some traditional literature (Shakespeare, Kafka, Poe), some biographies (Malcolm-X, Trotsky) and some history (events of 911). All of these items have been written in graphic novel format. So if you never quite understood what was going on when your English class read MacBeth in High School, you can pick up its graphic novel counterpart.
Next month, the librarian plans on using this same display. She is just going to switch out the books to the fiction graphic novels that the kids are into such as the Japanese manga.
Anyway...this project is part of a reading promotion project that I am doing for one of my classes. A little bit closer to being done!


Bethany said...

Oooo, nicely done!

Jenny said...

Great display.
Some of the kids in my class have asked if we can read a graphic novel, so have been looking around for a suitable one to study.