Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Father-original post 1/16/06

Today is the memorial service for my father. In memory of him, I am reposting a post that I put up on January 16,2006.

This is a picture of my father. I just thought I'd show it to you because it is such a nice picture of him. I'll tell you a bit about him. How about 13 things?
1. He was born in 1932.
2. Is a polio survivor.
3. Can play the guitar and banjo.
4. Is an avid bird watcher.
5. Volunteers in nursing homes.
6. He loves Jesus.
7. Married to Arlene (my mom)
8. He loves reading to his grandchildren.
9. Enjoys studying the word of God.
10. Has 13 grandchildren.
11. Plays the harmonica.
12. He used to be a chicken farmer.
13. He loves me!

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