Friday, October 16, 2009

Mum Cheer

I am glad there is still beauty in the world. These are mums that Audra, Alicia and I received at Lindsay's bridal shower. She is my nephew Scott's fiance. The bright fall colors bring me cheer on such a cold dreary day. There was snow on the ground here when we woke up. Too early in the season for snow!


Rachel said...

Snow already? Oh my! We haven't had any of that yet, but we did have a frost on Monday morning this week. It sure did get cold fast. I love mums this time of year.

Cheryl said...

Well, I'm just FINALLY getting to your blog. I'm sooooo sorry about your dad. What a tough road ahead for your family. I'm praying for you often.


Wanda said...

Hi Priscilla ~~ I'm trying to get back to some visiting.
I read all your previous posts, and they are beautiful, and I feel with you and Martha, that I knew you Dad.... What a precious man. I think of you girls often, and say a prayer for you and your mom.

Love and Hugs

Priscilla said...

Thank you Wanda and Cheryl! I really appreciate it!