Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Little Pieces

I went to my parents' house today. I'm not sure if I can ever get used to saying my mother's. I find myself walking around checking to see if the little pieces of my father are still there. His glasses on the dresser. His boots. His wallet...with some cash still in it. His banjos and guitar still hanging on the wall. I found a birthday card laying on the end table in the living room. It was for my mother who's birthday was on August 26...his signature on it with the little xxx's and ooo's he always put on.


Gudl said...


Martha said...

His slippers under the end table, a flannel shirt draped over the arm of the love seat... Rachel and I moved the scarecrow into the garage. Mom didn't want to see it every morning when she opened her curtains. I think it looked too much like Dad.

Rachel said...

I noticed the slippers and shirt too Martha. Some of his tapes were next to his "favorite spot". I played the marble game with mom twice last night and used Dad's favorite fork to eat with today...not purposely.